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The Orvis Lightweight Fly Box is made of indestructible foam that floats, so you’ll never again lose a collection of flies to the bottom of a river. The foam protects your flies and will not break. Stepped on, folded in half, or run over by an SUV, the box springs back into shape.

There are no hinges, latches, or inserted dividers to crack, lose, or rust. The ingenious magnet system locks the lid in place; simply shut the lid and the magnets keep it snapped securely shut. Inside, on a choice of rippled or flat foam, your flies are displayed in the open. No digging around in tiny compartments through an assortment of entangled flies. Your flies are laid out right in front of you, by size, color, or however you decide. The ergonomic shape of the box is designed to fit well in your hand as you deliberate over your next selection.

The exterior covering resists abrasion and sports a handsome Orvis logo. The back of the box features a label for your name, address and phone, so even if you leave your box streamside, odds are you still won’t lose it for good. In three sizes and configurations for every fresh or saltwater need.

 Ripple/Ripple. Flies not included.

Large: 6¾" x 4½" x 1¼"